Fight to Protect Public Workers Resumes in Legislature

The bill that would give Colorado state workers the right to collective bargaining will be heard in the State Senate be after Colorado lawmakers return from their Memorial Day vacations. The bill is supported by Governor Jared Polis and Colorado WINS, a union representing over 28,000 state employees in Colorado. It was expected to pass … Continued

Janitors Demand Fair Pay, Protection for Essential Work

Hundreds took to the streets on Tuesday to support essential workers protesting unsafe working conditions and inadequate pay. SEIU Local 105 janitors demand PPE, healthcare, and training in new cleaning equipment to protect both themselves and occupants of the buildings they clean. The protest followed social distancing protocols with participants either standing in a small … Continued

Working People’s Platform Candidates Win Big in Denver Elections

Thirteen Working People’s Platform-backed candidates won seats in Denver Municipal elections. These candidates pledged to support policy that uplifts workers in Denver by improving wages, supporting union jobs, and affordable healthcare. The victories were not only a win for Denver’s workers, but were historic as well. Newly elected Councilwoman Candi Cdebaca (District 9) became the … Continued

Denver Airport Workers Win Living Wage

Workers at Denver International Airport declared victory after Denver City Mayor Michael Hancock and City Council unanimously passed a minimum wage increase. The successful campaign by SEIU Local 105 and UNITE HERE resulted in a plan to raise Denver’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The Trump Economy in One Chart

Trump’s economic agenda has been relentlessly aimed at helping big corporations, the wealthy, and Trump himself at the expense of the rest of us and it’s succeeding wildly. New numbers show that for Americans, real wages are stagnant and even declining because consumer prices (costs for everyday spending) are rising. Americans are losing purchasing power: … Continued

In the Face of Supposed Prosperity, Wages Actually Going Down

It might seem like the Colorado economy is thriving because of low unemployment, but the economy is still failing to benefit all Coloradans. Despite the narrative of economic prosperity, most Colorado workers continue to face economic hardships because their median hourly wages have hardly changed in years despite rapidly increasing rents and costs of living. … Continued

Poll: Polis leading Kennedy, but both best Stapleton

By: Ernest Luning Jared Polis holds a lead over Cary Kennedy atop the four-way Democratic primary to be Colorado’s next governor, but both would defeat Republican front-runner Walker Stapleton by the same margin, according to a new survey. The survey was conducted by polling and communications firm Strategies 360 for the Service Employees International Union’s … Continued

News and Updates:

Local 105 Health Care in the News

“The pandemic didn’t create most of the root problems they’re concerned about,” SEIU Local 105 health care organizing director Stephanie Felix-Sowy told NPR. “But it amplified them and the need to address them.” Read more to learn how Local 105 is helping health care workers fight for better and safer hospitals.

Local 105 Janitors Win Big

Janitors in Downtown Denver are returning to work having their hours cut shortly before the holiday season. 400 janitors represented by Service Employees International Union Local 105 reached an agreement with Commercial Cleaning Systems (CCS) to restore lost hours last week. Patricia Robles, a Denver janitor for the last 30 years, and Vice-President of Property … Continued

Colorado votes for the Working People’s Platform

Voters elected 54 officials who have endorsed the Working People’s Platform in the General Election. In addition, Colorado voters passed Proposition 118, Paid Medical Family Leave. John Hickenlooper unseated former Senator Cory Gardner and has pledged to bring the Working People’s Platform to Congress. The Senator-Elect has publicly backed measures such as a federal $15 … Continued