Congratulations to the following legislators, who were elected in November to represent the best interests of all Coloradans. We look forward to working with you to improve the lives of workers across our state, by lifting up the voices of working families, standing up for our right to join a union, and working to create more equitable opportunities for all.

The following people have endorsed the Working People’s Platform

Jared Polis, Governor

Phil Weiser, Attorney General

Dave Young, State Treasurer

Jena Griswold, Secretary of State

Joe Neguse, US Representative, 2nd District

Jason Crow, Candidate for Congress, 6th District

Colorado State Senators:

Colorado State Representatives:

Working People’s Platform Pledge


News and Updates:

The Trump Economy in One Chart

Trump’s economic agenda has been relentlessly aimed at helping big corporations, the wealthy, and Trump himself at the expense of the rest of us—and it’s succeeding wildly. New numbers show that for Americans, real wages are stagnant and even declining because consumer prices (costs for everyday spending) are rising. Americans are losing purchasing power: average hourly earnings … Continued

New Study Finds Local Minimum Wage Increases are Good for Workers and Don’t Affect Employment

Study Backs Coalition Efforts to Increase the Living Wage in Colorado Denver, CO – Today, the Center on Wage and Employment (CWED) at UC Berkley released a new study showing that local minimum wage increases have had a positive effect on worker wages and did not result in job reductions. The study, entitled “The New Wave of Local Minimum Wage Policies: Evidence from Six Cities,” was conducted in Chicago, the District of Columbia, Oakland, San Francisco, … Continued

In the Face of Supposed Prosperity, Wages Actually Going Down

It might seem like the Colorado economy is thriving because of low unemployment, but the economy is still failing to benefit all Coloradans. Despite the narrative of economic prosperity, most Colorado workers continue to face economic hardships because their median hourly wages have hardly changed in years despite rapidly increasing rents and costs of living. … Continued