These candidates and elected officials have signed on to the Working People’s Platform and pledged to amplify the voices of working families, stand up for our right to join a union, and work to create more equitable opportunities for all.

The following people have endorsed the Working People’s Platform 

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John Hickenlooper, US Senate

Diana DeGette, US Representative, 1st District

Joe Neguse, US Representative, 2nd District

Jason Crow, US Representative, 6th District

Ed Perlmutter, US Representative, 7th District

Colorado Elected Officials[expand title=


Colorado Governor

Jared Polis*

Attorney General

Phil Weiser*

State Treasurer

Dave Young*

Secretary of State

Jena Griswold*


Colorado State Senators[expand title=


  • SD 3 Leroy Garcia*
  • SD 5 Kerry Donovan*
  • SD 11 Pete Lee*
  • SD 12 Electra Johnson
  • SD 13 Phil Kelley*
  • SD 14 Joann Ginal
  • SD 16 Tammy Story*
  • SD 18 Steve Fenberg
  • SD 19 Rachel Zenzinger
  • SD 20 Jessie Danielson
  • SD 21 Dominick Moreno
  • SD 22 Brittany Pettersen*
  • SD 23 Galina Nicoll
  • SD 24 Faith Winter
  • SD 26 Jeff Bridges
  • SD 27 Chris Kolker
  • SD 28 Janet Buckner
  • SD 29 Rhonda Fields
  • SD 32 Robert Rodriguez*
  • SD 31 Chris Hansen
  • SD 33 James Coleman
  • SD 34 Julie Gonzalez
  • [/expand]

    Colorado State Representatives [expand title=



    Denver Elected Officials[expand title=


    • At-Large – Debbie Ortega and Robin Kniech*
    • District 1 – Amanda P. Sandoval*
    • District 3 – Jamie Torres*
    • District 4 – Kendra Black*
    • District 5 – Amanda Sawyer*
    • District 6 – Paul Kashmann*
    • District 7 – Jolon Clark*
    • District 10 – Candi Cdebaca*
    • District 11 – Stacie Gilmore*
    • Auditor – Tim O’Brien*
    • City Clerk and Recorder – Paul Lopez*


    Organizational Endorsements[expand title=


    The Working People’s Platform is endorsed by the following partner organizations. Together, we are building community and worker power to change our political landscape and create a new normal that works for all of us – not just the wealthy few.

    • SEIU Colorado represents 8,000 service workers in SEIU Local 105 and over 31,000 state employees in Colorado Workers for Innovative and New Solutions (COWINS). All affiliates of SEIU Colorado share the belief that all workers are entitled to dignity, respect, and fair pay. SEIU Colorado believes in fighting for their members to improve both their working conditions as well as their quality of life.

    • Colorado Working Families Party is a grassroots political party dedicated to making our government work for the many, not the few. By using direct action and electoral victory, the Working Families Party supports progressive candidates and works to elect transformational leaders.

    • Colorado People’s Alliance (CPA) is a community-led organization that promotes racial justice through leadership development, organizing and alliance building. COPA believes that the best way to address systemic problems is by listening to communities most directly impacted by the issues.

    • United for a New Economy Colorado (UNE) builds grassroots people power through organizing, community activism and supporting innovative policy. They believe that by giving all communities members a voice about the issues impacting them, we can live in an economy that works for everyone.


    *Endorsed the Working People’s Platform in 2018 election cycle.