Local 105 Janitors Win Big

Janitors in Downtown Denver are returning to work having their hours cut shortly before the holiday season. 400 janitors represented by Service Employees International Union Local 105 reached an agreement with Commercial Cleaning Systems (CCS) to restore lost hours last week.

Patricia Robles, a Denver janitor for the last 30 years, and Vice-President of Property Services at SEIU Local 105 said in a statement,

“Denver’s janitors made their voices heard and CCS listened. We recognize CCS for doing the right thing by agreeing to fully reinstate work hours for our city’s janitors. With a vaccine on its way, it’s imperative we maintain the high level of trust our community has in knowing that the buildings where we work and patronize are safe and sanitized.”

Members of Local 105 celebrated the victory with a car rally where participants were socially distanced in their vehicles.

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